Parsers and exporters

Parsers are software components that enable importing (and potentially reformatting) data in various formats. For example, converting a flat-file into an Entanglement graph. Parser may be wrapped within a Microbase responder to allow large-scale data imports. We have developed a number of parsers for various common formats (listed below). We also encourage users to develop and submit their own parsers (please see the development guidelines for further details). Each parser must include:

  • Documentation that clearly describes the purpose of the parser, the supported source input format(s) and the destination format(s).
  • Examples of the types of data that the parser accepts as input, and how these are represented in the destination format.
  • A working example (e.g. a command line application) that allows the parser to be run in a standalone environment.
  • Instructions regarding wrapping the parser within a Microbase responder (an example responder implementation would be helpful!).
  • Details of any limitations of the parser. For example, if the a centralised resource is used (such as an FTP server or MySQL database), roughly how many parser instances could be acceptably executed in parallel.

Existing Parsers

Existing Exporters